VOSS 2013

Welcome to the Venice Ophthalmology Summer School

Even if the medical world, from both the scientific and educational sides, is currently considered a sort of village, where communication spreads in real time mainly through the web, there is still need for direct  (oral) transmission of  hypothesis, theories and experience, and for direct contact between teachers and trainees.

Ophthalmology is not different from other medical specialities. Moreover, at least at the European level there is a strong need for a real integration among specialists from the different European Countries, and this is particularly true for the new generation of young specialists. This is one of the aims of the European Board of Ophthalmology (EBO), founded in 1992, and whose best success is the annual examination to obtain the European Board of Ophthalmology Diploma, to become  an EBO Fellow. The harmonization of education in Ophthalmology also needs direct daily contact among trainees, at least for a period of time, to share their previous experiences and to create a network for the future.

Prof. Edoardo Midena

VOSS Organizer


The aim of the Venice Ophthalmology Summer School (VOSS), is to allow very young specialists in Ophthalmology to be actively involved in a full immersion course on advanced basic and clinical topics in Ophthalmology. Besides key note lectures, attendees will have the possibility of a continuous dialogue with Faculty members; they will be encouraged to present their personal experience which will be discussed in plenary sessions and they will actively participate in the presentations given by the Faculty members.

The participants are very young specialists in Ophthalmology coming from all countries of the European Community, and other Countries affiliated with the EBO. They will be selected through an European call. The Faculty Members are well known leaders in Ophthalmology, involved in basic research and/or clinical ophthalmology, with a special ability both in speaking and teaching. The VOSS language is English. The philosophy of the VOSS is that it is free of charge for participants. This mainly depends on the unconditioned financial support obtained every year.

The venue is inside the city of Venice, not only one of the most worldwide known art cities, but historically (and currently) one of the most multiethnical and multicultural cities in the world. A place where languages, cultures and religions meet since more than 1000 years. The location is the island of San Servolo: a small island of the Venetian Lagoon. This island is a property of the Province of Venice (Provincia di Venezia), and it currently hosts an International University for Arts and other educational institutions. Therefore, the Venice Ophthalmology Summer School will be hosted in an island-based campus.